American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Toolkit

The Business Problem

The events of September 11, 2001 reinforced the importance of our community's emergency preparedness needs. Our American Red Cross Chapter was given the task to create a quick guide for organizations to better prepare for an emergency and to have an site-specific response plan.

My Role

As the Visual Lead, my role was to work with numerous internal teams and external agencies to assess what was necessary and what was optional to be included in the toolkit. Together, we designed and developed the visual identity, products, and packaging for the toolkit.

The Solution

This tool kit was designed for the American Red Cross of the National Capital Area and is for Small to Medium sized organizations. The toolkit comes with a binder of simple guidelines, templates, and role assignments for individuals during a disaster. It also comes with a mylar bag, which should contain important legal documents and maps with escape routes. A small hand powered radio is also included so users can listen for emergency broadcasts. The radio also doubles as a flashlight. The entire kit is encased in the bright colored tool kit box, which should be easily identified during the event of an emergency.

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